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1. We need one another to heal.
2. Focus on the process, not the outcome.
3. Learn from your decisions, rather than justify or regret them.
4. Balance is walking a fine line between seemingly opposing truths.
5. We are a state of being.
6. Letting go is the paradox of feeling it all.
7. Everything is functional, until it is not.
8. When resistance arises, soften to shift.
9. Deeper understanding comes at the exact moment you are ready to receive it.
10. Experiences set the stage for expectations and narratives, but those do not need to define us. Reality is perception.
11. We are energy and most communication is non-verbal. Our thoughts have power.
12. Everything that comes into the world is created out of desire, imagination and creativity so allow yourself to dream big.
13. Psychedelics are openers but not resolvers.
14. The best therapy is a conversation in which we are both fully present and aware.
15. Fear is the block.
16. Legacy is generational.
17. Whatever I project onto myself (criticism, blame, judgement), I will project onto others, so project only love. Change    the relationship with yourself and it changes the relationship with everyone.
18. Total acceptance of current reality (non-resistance), no matter how painful, provides clarity and the opportunity to choose another way.
19. Awareness shifts consciousness which opens the door to freedom, or free will.
20. Flow is a state of integration.

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