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Meditation is the foundation of good mental health. It teaches people how to observe, and not react, to passing thoughts and emotions as well as to tune into areas that might be further developed within the brain. Mindfulness & meditation practices may be conceptualized as a way of strengthening the brain in terms of improving the tendency toward both more positive emotions and thoughts. Daily practice will facilitate tolerance for difficult emotional states and the removal of negative thought patterns by flowing through them rather than getting stuck in them, leaving the path clear for greater ease, calm and “a quiet mind.”

Meditation is a practice. There is no one absolutely correct way to meditate. Some people prefer guided meditations and some people prefer silence. We believe that a combination of both is best. The basic idea is to go inside and observe one’s own mental tendencies and patterns. Over time, the observation and awareness allows one to open up new pathways. Ultimately, a state of heightened awareness, without thought, can contribute to a state of peace, acceptance, gratitude and joy. Guided meditations can help assist one in finding those states of positive emotions. Therefore, a combination of silent meditation and guided meditation, is typically recommended. There are also moving meditations, using hand movements called mudras, or a moving meditation can be as simple as walking and allowing one’s thoughts to flow. 


A regular meditation practice, typically characterized by 20 minutes twice a day, has been shown to not only change a person’s current state of mind but to change personality traits by altering neural wiring. Through meditation, it is possible to balance your left and right hemispheres, strengthen determination and mental toughness, magnify intuition, improve  mental fluidity, assist the body’s ability to heal itself, awaken creativity, and improve anxiety/depression. 


We offer meditation tutorials and examples behind our login page.

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