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Please fill out our contact form and brief screening form.

You will receive a call back within 48 hours to schedule a consultation.


The therapy consultation is best described as a sophisticated psychological and emotional understanding of your life until this point in time, and of course includes a psychiatric and medical evaluation. The medical consult includes a psychiatric evaluation and you are screened for medical issues, substance abuse or medications that might limit your ability to receive the treatment. We specialize in understanding how historical patterns have both helped and hindered your growth and development rather than a narrow focus on diagnosis and medication management.

By the end of the consult, we will have an in-depth conversation with you about the plan. The plan may include therapy, meditation and/or ketamine work. In most cases it is a combination of all. Some things in life cannot be rushed and one of those is healing. Therefore each plan is fluid and tailored to the individual. The consultation establishes both genuine communication and deep understanding, which sets the stage for the work ahead.

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CAP Healing

3333 E. Camelback Road, Suite 260
Phoenix, AZ 85018.


Initial Consultation:

  • Psychiatric evaluation inc. medical screen for ketamine:

    • Adult with NP $400, with Dr. Caplan $500

    • 17 & Under with NP $500, with Dr. Caplan $600

  • Therapy evaluation:

    • 60 minutes: $300

    • 90 minutes: $450

Follow Up Sessions:

  • Psychotherapy/Integration:

    • $300 for 60 minutes

    • $400 for 60 minutes with Dr. Caplan

  • Medication Management:

    • $200 for 30 minutes NP

    • $300 for 60 minutes NP

    • $250 for 30 minutes MD

    • $400 for 60 minutes MD

  • KAP (Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy):

    • $400 / 60 minutes (up to 3 hour session)

    • $500 / 60 minutes with Dr. Caplan

    • Intensive Outpatient Sessions Billed Hourly

NOTE: There will be no refunds issued for services rendered.


Who is a candidate for interventional (chemical assisted) therapy?
Typically, our patients are motivated and insightful people who have either considered therapy but didn’t want to invest the typical time it takes, or they have tried therapy but were not able to implement changes into their daily lives. Historically, they intended to talk about the critical material for therapy but couldn’t access the fundamental awareness they needed comfortably. Our patients are people who feel discouraged because they have not grown into their potential. They are open to the use of medicine to comfortably ease their way into difficult psychological territory, aiming toward resolution.

What type of issues can ketamine help address?
The issues that ketamine therapy addresses are as diverse as the patients we serve. We vigilantly attempt to understand patterns that are interfering in your life. The unconscious is brought to awareness so it no longer drives behavior.  By getting closer to the core issues, you become more self-actualized and can achieve at a higher level of potential.

How long does the process take?
Everyone requires an initial consultation which lays the groundwork and expectations for the therapy work. That being said, things typically evolve once ketamine is started. Sometimes the therapy moves much faster than expected and sometimes new issues emerge that take more time to address. We adjust the individual timeframe and work within their process.

What are the “healing principles” the clinic utilizes?
Our healing principles emerged out of the non-profit, Eastern Healing Meets Western Medicine. They were created based on an understanding of eastern methodologies of healing which have withstood the test of time with humanity combined with western neuroscience and brain based trauma treatments. We have found that by applying these principles to the therapeutic work, the process is both more effective and generates deeper healing for everyone. Some principles will apply more directly than others, depending on the individual and the struggles they are undergoing.

What is required outside of the sessions?
The most important requirement is a deep and personal commitment to your own process of growth and healing, both during the sessions and outside of sessions.

Why is meditation so important?
The reason we require a meditation practice prior to beginning treatment, and strongly recommend a daily meditation practice during treatment and for the rest of your life, is because meditation is the cornerstone of good mental health. It allows people to observe their own psychological process, let go of negative thoughts and emotions, and surrender to reality in the present moment. This process creates the opportunity for awareness, insight, mental fluidity, access to different parts of self, integration, and ultimately permanent re-wiring of the brain.


Certain psychiatric conditions, such as psychosis, mania, current substance abuse and acute suicidality could worsen with the use of ketamine. There are also medical problems, including but not limited to hypertension, bladder cystitis, pregnancy, brain tumor or hemorrhage, coronary artery disease or thyrotoxicosis that do not allow for the administration of ketamine.

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