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CAP Healing’s team of skilled therapists are all licensed mental health professionals. They understand the neuro-biology of trauma and have completed training in ketamine and MDMA through the MAPS organization. On a personal level, they have all undergone their own therapy and continue to see life as a constant source of evolution and growth. Various therapists have worked with energy healing, including but not limited to Vajra transmissions, Martial Arts Training and the Usui Shiki Ryoho energy traditions. All of our therapists participate in their own meditation and on-going self care practices.


Jane Caplan, MD

As a Harvard trained psychiatrist and psychotherapist, I am deeply grateful for my teachers and mentors at Brigham & Women’s hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess hospital, and the former Massachusetts Mental hospital for my adult psychiatry training and Massachusetts General hospital and McLean hospital for my child and adolescent fellowship training. Since that time, I have worked to integrate psychotherapy with the neurobiology and psychology of trauma in order to heal the body, mind and spirit. In 2018, I became interested in ketamine’s potential for use in therapy and attended the 2nd KRIYA conference. Immediately it became apparent that there was value in its ability to get underneath defense mechanisms in a way that was not possible without a drug, or at least not without a lot of time and money spent on therapy. It then became my mission to treat trauma differently and more efficiently than had ever been done before. My experiences working in Hawaii, lead me to understand the unbreakable connection between the self, nature and universal energy. I was then formally trained in the Usui-reiki system of natural healing. The true heart of CAP Healing is the therapy team, all highly skilled clinicians and deeply evolved people. We recognize that we are privileged to participate in your healing journey and with the deepest respect we honor you with our ethics, confidentiality and compassion for the human condition.

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Ryan Mahelona, MD

Hello, my name is Ryan David Keliilani Mahelona. I am a Hawaiian man on a well mentored journey toward understanding the connection between mind, body, and spirit. I am joining CAP Healing as a specialized mental health physician and look forward to bringing my abilities to the patients and families of this community. 


I was raised in northern Phoenix, Arizona, by a hardworking single mother and her parents. My love for science led me to pursue a degree in biochemistry and then allopathic medicine. It was my good fortune that brought Dr. Jane Caplan and David Blackstone from CAP Healing into my life as friends and mentors. Their wise and loving presence helped guide my study as a resident physician interested in the use of psychotherapy and psychedelic medicine to heal the mind. In addition to a comprehensive medical education, I have pursued training in mind body skills group facilitation with Jim Gordon, MD, and many others at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine and yoga therapy (current student) with the Krepps family at Circle Yoga Shala in the remote and lovely Jasper, Arkansas. These collective training experiences equipped me with powerful tools to help my patients foster good health, meaningful connection, and a deeper understanding of themselves.  


Despite my depth of training, I graduated from residency with out seeing my Eastern and Westerns influences work coherently to treat patients. This problems led me to peruse fellowship training, and I was accepted as the inaugural fellow with The Center for Mindfulness and Integrative Psychiatry at Hines VA in Chicago, IL. During this unique and rewarding fellowship, I learned to complement state of the art psychiatric interventions with integrative modalities in the treatment of veteran’s mental health. My mentors at Hines (many of whom were physicians and CIIS/MAPS trained psychedelic therapists) helped me distill my training into a delivery system for psychedelic assisted psychotherapy in the nations largest healthcare system.


At this stage of development as a physician, I feel ready to provide innovative and individualized medical care to the people of Arizona. Working with me as an integrative psychiatrist will add a confident member to your support system as you transform your life. I look forward to contributing as you work towards improved mental well-being and deeper self understanding.

Jennifer McCombs, LCSW

I am an Arizona/Nevada/California-based Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I received my BA from Arizona State University and MSW from the University of Nevada, Reno. My experience includes 14 years of clinical experience in a range of settings, including both outpatient and inpatient psychiatric services, acute inpatient hospital services (telemetry, medical & Behavioral Health), disaster mental health (humanitarian work), psychedelic assisted integration therapy and private practice therapy.

n my work, I believe that the true health and freedom we crave present themselves when we align body, mind and soul and return to the instinctual, intuitive wisdom that exists within us to guide us on our life journey. Through returning to ourselves and the sense of safety, security and love that come with feeling safe and at home in our bodies, we are able to open to life and live fully. Working with me requires a willingness to do hard, deep, but gentle, work. I will not take on clients who are looking for someone to heal them. I offer support, tools, guidance, deep processing work, compassion, empathy and years of research, study and training, but I cannot do the healing for you. This is ultimately a co-created experience wherein my desire for you is to become your own best resource of wisdom, truth, healing and love.

"Therapy will drastically increase the depth and authenticity of your happiness AND it will honor the cathartic beauty of your sadness AND it will make the profoundly necessary space for everything that lives in between" - Emily Anhalt

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Laura Walton, LMFT

With over a decade of experience as a therapist, and over two decades of my own healing and self-reflection practice, I have learned that we all have experienced trauma in some form or another, and that very often we unknowingly carry the “symptoms” of unprocessed trauma with us as we move throughout our lives.  These “symptoms” can manifest themselves in subtle and deceptive ways: through addictions, relationship struggles, anxiety, depression, OCD, feelings of hopelessness, disconnection, loneliness, shame, overwhelm, or stagnation, among many others. 


This is where I come in. This is where my passion lies. I’m a survivor of childhood trauma, and I've had several significant people in my life die in traumatic and unexpected ways. Through my path of healing myself, I have learned how to hold others to allow our own natural, internal healing processes to unfold.


I approach my work from the lens that trauma lives in our whole physical being – in our brains, our nervous systems, our bodies, our breath. I strive to empower my clients in their own unique journey. With a compassionate and judgment-free approach, I create a safe space for exploration, and demystify the complexities of trauma. 


I am trained in many different trauma-informed therapeutic modalities, including EMDR, Brainspotting, and most recently I have completed IPI’s year-long Psychedelic Assisted Therapy training.  I am also a Reiki Master, have been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and have completed over 1000 hours of yoga and meditation instructor trainings.


I have a bachelor’s degree In Art History and a minor in Italian, and before I was a therapist, I was a yoga instructor.  I am an easygoing, warm, creative, passionate, and compassionate Arizona native, human, and therapist.  I'm also a yogi, a dog lover, the oldest child, an introverted, intuitive HSP, a Pisces, and left-handed. I like to use humor in my work, and I prefer yoga pants and bare feet over business casual. 

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David Blackstone, LCSW

Hi. My name is David Blackstone. I am a psychotherapist living in the Phoenix area with my wife, 3 kids, and our 2 rescue dogs.  Born and raised in Chicago, I began my career there. My professional journey is well suited for my work at CAP healing, and I am eager to join my distinguished colleagues in providing the deepest healing experience possible for our patients. I have a background in clinical social work, earning my MSW degree at Loyola University and my clinical training as an intern at the Josselyn Center for Mental Health in Northfield, IL.  At the Josselyn Center, I had the opportunity to do psychotherapy with adults and adolescents struggling with severe mental illness and addiction. I am so grateful that I had the privilege of learning and training from several talented and well-regarded psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, psychologists and social workers. Following training, I worked in community mental health and residential treatment. Doing therapy in these settings gave me an early opportunity to recognize both the vulnerability inherent in the human condition and the remarkable resilience possessed by humans; observations that I try to always remember as I do clinical work. 


After moving to Phoenix 21 years ago, I opened my practice, where I treat children, adolescents, and adults.  I specialize in PTSD and developmental attachment trauma.  I began developing my specialties in 2009 when I enrolled in an intensive, 4-year psychoanalytic training program at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis in Los Angeles, California. This transformative experience not only deepened my ability to heal trauma, but also help me understand human internal emotional experience and the dynamics between people in great depth.  This growth was not only reflected in what I learned about humans, but also in a greater ability to be with patients which supports them to tap into their own inner capacities to heal and grow. Working with patients using traditional therapy methods throughout my career has been an incredible experience. It has been amazing to both witness and participate in the healing process with my patients over the years. The work at CAP healing, however, takes and human growth to the next level. I have been excited to discover how combining traditional therapy methods with psychedelic medications, mindfulness practices, eastern healing practices, somatic integration techniques, and energy work can so remarkably help people tap into their own healing abilities, self-actualize, and meet their highest potential as humans.

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Ingrid Sutton, LCSW

I came to psychedelic psychotherapy by way of traditional psychodynamic training in clinical social work at Loyola University in Chicago. Specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders brought me into contact with people suffering with PTSD and complex trauma. I am a certified EMDR therapist and utilize this approach along with other trauma informed therapies such as Internal Family Systems to help people heal. As I deepened my understanding of the healing process over time, however, it became clear to me that other mechanisms of healing were essential alongside these traditional techniques. My own training and practice in meditation helped me to see other pathways to access how we as human beings experience circumstances and conditions in our lives in the past, present and for the future momemts. This expanded view of healing provided an opening in which Ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) has found its place. Having been trained in KAP at Polaris Insight as well as completing the MDMA-assisted therapy through the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelics (MAPS) program, my beliefs about the healing process has expanded. This evolution has helped me to land in a mindset of collaboration around healing, seeing my role as supporting and encouraging the belief in one own’s innate ability to heal. Together, technique and inner wisdom find a path to peace and resolution.

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