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Trauma, which is defined as a distressing or disturbing experience, is at the core of many psychological problems. We know that experiences from childhood are often compounded later in life. Unfortunately, the lens through which we see the world is shaped by our early experiences, both good and bad. Since the unconscious mind is the most powerful driver of behavior, we tend to gravitate to similar situations or we unintentionally re-create them. Some re-creations are in our best interest while others end up being limited or even self-sabotaging. In order to have better control over our life’s choices, we need to discover what is in the unconscious mind and move through defense mechanisms.

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Traditional therapy takes time to discover deeply held beliefs and ideas held in the unconscious. Defense mechanisms serve to protect the psyche from knowledge that could be painful. However,  the psyche does such a good job of protecting itself people become frustrated by a lack of progress in therapy despite their best intentions to get to the bottom of issues that might be holding them back.

In order to fast forward the process of therapy, we have developed specific techniques that allow people to move quickly into the unconscious and past their own defense mechanisms. With the use of such assistance, the process does speed up. However, just like traditional therapy, the length of time necessary for any one person to grow and to heal is highly dependent on various factors such as a willingness to do the therapeutic work, the degree of insight going into the process, and how long a negative pattern has been in place.   As we age, the neural wiring is reinforced over time. We can use the passage of time to our benefit or to our detriment, depending upon which patterns we chose to reinforce.

We believe that it is not the actual trauma itself but rather the way the trauma was internalized that creates suffering. Therefore, we believe the process of working through and letting go is just as relevant, if not more so, then the content of “what happened.”

We hold a space best characterized as unconditional love, free of judgement, criticism, or blame that seeks only to understand and release the past so that people might be free to step into their best future. With that in mind, there is a focus on resiliency and positivity as you create what you desire to bring into existence in your life.

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