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We specialize in helping our patients deal with and overcome psychological issues. To speed healing, we offer the option of chemical assisted therapy. We believe our patients deserve the joy that comes with real change and all that is possible with a better life.

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We break psychological patterns with targeted pharmacological interventions during therapy. Potentially, old problems can be solved in a condensed period of time. You will be guided by experienced clinicians who understand the deepest underpinnings of the human psyche as we work toward true inner healing.


The field of neuroscience has provided us with an understanding of both the structure and function of the brain. The brain is innately wired for connection. Adverse events in childhood can create a rigid narrative of self as defective, unworthy, and unlovable. People get stuck, often unconsciously, in a deficient sense of self and re-create patterns of relating to themselves and others that are unhealthy.

With the use of psychedelics, the default mode network of the brain is suppressed, which is where we hold these ways of relating to ourselves and others. Then we have the opportunity to let go of old patterns and create new narratives that lead to lasting change. 

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Our chemical interventions are limited to ketamine and oxytocin at this time. MDMA is in phase 3 trials and will be available for clinical use soon. Other medicine is being researched and we are excited to see the outcomes of the clinical studies. 


We strongly believe that the medicine itself is an opener but without a trained therapist who understands the psychological landscape, any chemical intervention could be counter-productive or even harmful. Therefore, we draw on several evidence based therapies to be utilized during the course of your treatment. 

We also provide post-integration work for people who have experienced negative consequences as a result of non-guided experiences. 

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